Terms and conditions

Maison de vacances la Filolie


General conditions


1. Reservation and  payment.

The owner of La Filolie  register the period of stay demanded by the tenant after receiving his bookings form. The tenant returns the controlled bookings form and pays the first term of 50 % of the total costs of the rental price of the house within 8 days.

After receiving the first payment the owner sends a definite confirmation of reservation by post.

The second payment has to be paid 10 weeks before the start of the holiday.

By reservation 10 weeks before the holiday the total rental price has to be paid.

The owner of La Filolie has the right to cancel the reservation when the payment is too late.


2. Assurance of cancellation.

To cancel is not possible. We advise you to take an insurance policy for cancellation at your own insurance agent..


3. Returnable damage deposit.

A returnable damage deposit of 500 Euro is mentioned at the reservation and has to be paid with the second payment of the rental price, 10 weeks before the start of the period of stay.

By damage of the dinner-set, the interior, the house, the terrain, the swimming pool, the slide, the sauna, the tennis court, the swing, other things or extra cleaning costs the owner of La Filolie has the right to demand an indemnification in accordance to the damage of the total costs of replacement and to diminish the returnable damage deposit with those costs and to demand the superior costs.

The owner will return the returnable damage deposit reduced with the tourist taxes and other eventual costs within 10 days after the ending of the holiday period.


4. Tourist taxes.

The tourist taxes have to be paid at the end of the holiday. Per adult person 1,10 Euro per day.

These taxes will be settled with the returnable damage deposit.


5.Check in and out.

Check in time on Saturday after 16.00 PM.

Check out time on Saturday before 10.00 AM.


6. The accommodation.

The accommodation is ready to start at the beginning of the rental period. We request you kindly to take care of the good utility and maintenance of the property, the house, the swimming pool, the slide, the sauna, the swing and the tennis court as if you were the owner yourself. Possible imperfections have to be indicated immediately to the owner.

At departure the property has to be tidy; the fridge, the freezer, the barbeque clean; the rubbish in the containers on the road D25 to Le Buisson.

The bed-clothes have not to be taken off.

The owner will do the final cleaning after departure of the tenants. Extra cleaning costs, costs that will exceed the normal cleaning costs, will be invoiced.

At the end of the rental period the eventual heating costs of the house and the sauna will be invoiced. More than usual energie use can be invoiced.


The stay on the property of La Filolie is at your own risk. The owner of La Filolie cannot be held responsible for the personal injuries, loses, robbery or damages to properties of the tenants or visitors, unless this is the result of a shortcoming for which the owner is responsible.

The owner keeps in repair La Filolie and controls regularly the property. Either he is not responsible for electric interruptions and a stop up of the filters of the swimming pool and other stop ups. Naturally he will do his best to resolve the problems as soon as possible.

The tenant cannot make opposition when the owner or his representative will ask to visit the house.


7. Number of  persons.

It is not admitted to come with more persons than mentioned in the description (10 people and 1 baby until the age of 1 year).

Staying with more persons than mentioned in the returned bookings form (even temporarily) can lead to a direct cancellation, without indemnification.

The number of persons mentioned in the returned bookings form can only be changed by and with permission of the owner of La Filolie.

 Report visiters directly to the owner of la Filolie, a fee is requested.


8. Swimming pool, sauna and tennis court.

The use of the swimming pool,  the slide, the sauna and the tennis court is at your own risk. Slide use only for children >10 years. Sauna use only for adults. After using the sauna, the room has to be closed.

The swimming pool has to be closed in a proper way by the tenant. Therefore he has two keys, one for the gate and the other for the electric security cover. Damage of the swimming pool, the slide, the sauna and the tennis court by wrong use has to be paid by the tenant. Extreme weather can put the water temperature below 26*C.



9. Domestic animals.

Animals only in consultation with the owner of La Filolie, in possession of a chip or a tattoo and a valid passport with valid vaccinations. No animals at the tennis court, the pool and the sauna. Costs 6 Euros a day per animal.


10. Smoking.

Smoking only outside.


11. Problems.

In case of problems you need to contact the owner immediately, so that he can take action and precautions.

You can reach us on 0553 74 19 40 or 06 08 14 78 40

Telephone numbers: Police: 17; Firemen: 18; Ambulance: 15; Alarm number: 112

If there are any questions, remarks or/and indistinctness, please contact us as soon as possible.


Information about the use of the:


  • We request you kindly to take care of the good utility of the house as if you were the owner yourself
  • There are fire-alarms. When you hear a short repetitive tone than the battery is empty, please call us
  • There are fire-extinguishers in the kitchen and on the first floor. Please read the directions for use. Fire-blanket in the kitchen
  • On demand we can put a child’s barrier on the staircase
  • You can leave the rubbish in the container on the right side of the road D25 to Le Buisson, after about 1 kilometer from La Filolie. Plastic bottles, tins, cardboard and paper in the yellow container. Empty bottles in the green container. Rest rubbish in the grey trailer on our own property (6 euro per bag max 60 liters) Compost in the indicated field.
  • We have a sceptical tank. So, do not put lingettes, sanitary towels and tampons in the toilet and do not use any products with chlorine, use only special products
  • The electricity point is in the toilet of the sleeping room downstairs. By thunder, it is possible that the electricity is falling down. Check the electricity in your house. If it is o.k. the electricity is coming back. If it is not o.k. switch them on. First turn of all the switches, then turn the black switch left on and then the others on one by one. In some cases the head switch, which is outside in the big barn with the red doors, at the left. Open the barn, the door is at the right side, and put the switch at position 1 or open the box above and check if everything is on
  • A second electricity point is in the cellar, behind the door on the right
  • The switch for the water is on the right side near the terrace under the big tile with the words water-eau  (direction parking). To close the water supply turn the red handle a fourth part
  • If you want to close the doors take care that you lift the door handle completely, French system
  • The dryer is on the first floor. After each use please clean the filter  fluff and empty the water reservoir 
  • The hood works only if the lights above the kitchen sink are on
  • There is a hot-water heater of 300 litres, which heats continually
  • For the map with the walks you pay 3€ if you want to keep it
  • Open fire place: before making a fire open the damper with the chain and secure it. After extinction close the damper
  • Wood for the open fire place is available. Only wood from the owner
  • In the living you will find the switch for the central heating (not included in the rental price) At the beginning and at the end of your holiday there will be a meter-reading
  • The swing play is for children >10 years  under surveillance
  • Do not move the football goal
  • Please will you be so kind to give water to the plants on the terrace and around the holiday house
  • In Le Buisson you have everything you need: small supermarkets, le petit Casino and Vival, open from 9- 12.00 and 15.30-19.00 and Sunday mornings, closed on Monday. Every Friday morning there is a market in the village; Friday evening a food market in July and August.  Other markets: Le Bugue  Tuesday morning;Sarlat Wednesday and Saturday morning; Lalinde Thursday morning and Saint-Cyprien Sunday morning
  • Big supermarkets in Le Bugue and Siorac, open all day from 9-12.15 and 14.30-19.00, Sunday till 12.00. In July and August open all day from Monday till Saturday


 Swimming pool

  • Salt water swimming pool 10 x 4,5 meters, depth 0,70 – 1,90 meters
  • We request  you kindly  to take care of the good utility of the swimming pool  as if you were the owner yourself
  • You as an adult, stay always alert when you use the pool. Take care that there is at least one adult present. Never leave a child alone. Always close the gate with the appropriate key if you leave the pool. Never ask a child to close it.
  • Open or close the safety cover always completely. You need to hold the key while opening and closing the pool. Before closing the cover take out of the water all your belongings
  • Slide only for children
  • Use only play material that is approved for pools
  • Before you go into the pool take a shower to avoid differences of temperature that are to big
  • Children who can not swim must put on a safety vest or bracelets and they are not allowed to go into the pool alone
  • No animals into the water and around the pool
  • No sharp objects in the pool
  • No diving and we advise you not to run around the pool.
  • For the stocking of play material there is a special box. Don’t let things lie around
  • We advise you to close the cover when there is nobody present at the pool
  • Try to limit the noise. Think of others!
  • In case of an accident: take the person out of the water as soon as possible; get help immediately; change wet cloths and put something warm over the body. Call 112



  • Take care of the good utility of the sauna as if you were the owner yourself
  • Sauna entrance and use only for adults. No children and animals in the sauna room
  • Sauna infra-red, no water,  essential oils and other liquids in the sauna
  • Temperature between 40* and 60*C
  • Do not dry and leave clothes in the sauna
  • Do not touch the infra-red panels
  • Do not use the sauna when you have open wounds, eye diseases, sun burning, under influence of alcohol or if you have done heavy exercises
  • If you have an illness concerning temperature fluctuations, please contact your doctor first
  • No drinks, food and other stuff in the sauna
  • If you leave the sauna switch off everything
  • Close the sauna room after using it
  • Electricity costs are not included in the rental price. A meter-reading will be done
  • Take care that the radio/cd noise will not be heard outside the sauna space
  • For instructions see the separate directions for use at the end of this information


Tennis court

  • We request you kindly to take care of the good utility of the tennis court as if you were the owner yourself
  • Keep the door of the tennis court closed
  • Do not take any glass-ware to the tennis court
  • Wipe your shoes before entering the court
  • Always use tennis shoes. Soles should not give marks
  • Do not hit the court or the net with your racket
  • Use the bench to sit down. Do not lean against the fences
  • If the weather is wet the court can by slippery
  • No animals on the court
  • Use the tennis court only to play tennis